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About Great Crew

Great Crew is a full service digital design and marketing communication agency with strong expertise in Brand Identity and Strategy, Web Design and Development, UX/UI Design, Mobile Apps and Print Design.

Established in 2011 in Moscow, Russia we succeed to work with 58 (and counting) clients & partners. Thanks to the results we provide we launch in average 2 to 3 turnkey projects for each of our clients or doing long-term complete marketing support.

We are focused on developing efficient solutions with thorough analysis of target audience, market and client’s business combined with extensive knowledge in technology, psychology and marketing. Our credo is: «Good design is a way to solve a problem and make it simple, in a beautiful way», because we are making instruments that can help businesses to stand out from competitors and to acquire more customers.

Currently we are working with companies from Portugal, Italy, Estonia, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Hong Kong and USA.

Most recent projects

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